“The only way to fight this monster is with social distancing”


The puerto rican singer Ricky Martin has joined the campaign #QuédateEnCasa, which seeks to generate awareness in people that the best way to contain the pandemic coronavirus it is not out on the street.

“I have friends in China and in Italy that I say that, if you could turn back time, with the information that we have today, they would do things different, you would be at home,” said the artist.

“The only thing we can do today is to take the responsible decision to stay at home. As thoughtful citizens, the information that we have tells us that the only way to stop this monster is with social distancing,” he said.

The puerto rican singer said that “we must accept this new reality with a good attitude” and that this is “the most responsible that we can do.”

Despite the advice of the World Health Organization and the recommendations of the health authorities of the countries most affected, many people continue to heed and take responsibility for the pandemic.

Persons resident in Italy have warned on social networks the importance of following these guidelines, because in this country it was not taken seriously at first and, despite the measures, the people kept clogging the public spaces and the spread is shot in alarming numbers.

Many artists and users everywhere are getting in on this campaign. The cuban singer based in Spain, Ariel of Cuba, launched the theme Stay at home, which already has thousands of views on YouTube and is rolling out networks.