The party that shames the infanta Elena. Madrid in quarantine and them as well!


Infanta Elena | EFE

March 15, 2020
(13:54 CET)

The coronavirus affects some more than others. Not the viruses themselves, but the crisis is generating in the society. And is that many of those who are confined at home to accumulate the anxiety of having to go making accounts to get to the end of the month.

Nor for those who have a business and these days has had to close. And is that leave of the bill during 15 days can be lethal for a restaurant or a bar.

A few problems that they do not suffer in the Royal House. Although the Kings have to be in quarantine after contact of the Queen Letizia with Irene Monteroof which this week gave its positive covid-19his confinement is different from the rest of the Spanish population.

irene Montero and Letizia

So, yes

They don’t have to take care of a business, while they can enjoy the outdoors in the garden state of alarm has been declared in Spain.

Yes: at least respect that. And that is that there are some members of the Royal House that we are passing by the lining of the recommendations of the authorities. And yes, they also are the authority, but should also be respectful and do not increase the risk of contagion.

Bad example

Juan Carlos Ifor example, it was this week to see his daughter, the infanta Elena. What he did in his official car, reducing the risk of contagion, but putting at stake their health. And is that the former belongs to the group of risk, given their age and delicate state of health.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

But there is more. It is said that Froilán and Victoria Federica Marichalar de Borbón to be amongst the young people these days have jumped to the bullfighter the tips of the Government, riding the occasional party with friends in sites private. It is clear that, if the grandfather escapes to see Elenawhat an example they are going to take the young people? And in the meantime, between his father and his children, Elena remains without words.