the photo that paralyzes Spain in hours


sara carbonero look casual

March 15, 2020
(10:25 CET)

The magic of the internet allows you to travel back in time at any time you want. Not always the past favors to the people, and but say Sara Carbonero, who has left a photo revealing where it looks unrecognizable. The image of the model and journalist has crippled Spain more than I already was by the delicate moment that is living.

We know that Sara studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, but there are few photographic records of that time confused. The following will end the doubts.

Suddenly, and without to call it, finally came a recollection of those years that now look distant for Saithe. Shows unrecognizable by having a few extra pounds. Your face will note the round and your arms with more volume. Definitely the fame is able to change people, but in the good sense.

Sara Carbonero

It seems that the past continues to pursue Sara Carboneroalthough to her it matters little to him for how things turned out with the passage of time. If you had told at that time everything that she would live, possibly you would have laughed at such a dream a fantasy.

Sara Carbonero joins the battle against the coronavirus

In times where the word quarantine has become fashionable, the health professionals are waging a war against a virus that threatens humanity. However, they are not the only ones who are making a significant contribution to curbing the problem.

Sara Carbonero has joined the battle from their networks to create awareness to the millions that follow it with the following message: “When you isolate, not only will you protect yourself from the infection, but you break the chain of viral spread about your contacts. You aid yourself and help your community.” All the initiatives are necessary to overcome in a fight that suits us all equally.