The photo unpublished from Ariana Grande with a mono transparent to Kylie Jenner


March 15, 2020
(14:34 CET)

The u.s. Ariana Grande it is surprising in many ways. Since I began in the music has not stopped, and the success is completely deserved. His talent has been reflected in every one of their songs and presentations. For some reason, tends not to be compared with Kylie Jennerdespite it being a wave of sensuality, transparency, and provocation. But this time, yes.

Her voice is so special, as is your style. In addition, the personality that has that makes it stand out over the others.

Often use high boots and high heels infinite to stylize your figure of 1.53 metres in height. Also suéters huge where your body goes away completely, exposing her legs. And, of course, the stunning costumes that takes you on tours or packages for the events.

ariana grande

Recently it was revealed a picture unpublished of Ariana. Short hair, in comparison as to what you use now, it suggests that is a few years ago. His face wears an expression dreamy, meanwhile, is using a body, and a monkey, black completely transparent. The pose of the artist allows us to see a little more than normal, and that is why it resembles the style of Kylie, who uses this type of clothing.

Ariana Grande and the difficulty of their songs

Great is composer of most of their songs, loves music and is proud of what he has accomplished, however, says that: “It’s hard to sing songs about wounds so fresh. It’s fun, it’s pop music, and I’m not trying to make it sound like something it is not, but these are songs that to me really represent a m***** heavy”.

The statements reveal that their relationships and post-traumatic stress disorder because of the events most difficult of his life, have managed to intrude a little in your music.

Ariana Grande still struggling to find peace by doing the things you like. Kylie Jenner may not be the mistress of sensuality in networks to the next.