The “repulsive” video of Juan Carlos I (and hours) that puts Spain on a war footing


March 15, 2020
(10:48 CET)

The scandal of the loa 100 million collected in fees and deposited into an account of Switzerland on the part of the king emeritus Juan Carlos I just is being treated in the media. As little as the effort that has been put Government of Pedro Sanchez in the investigation of the matter.

A scenario that they knew how to act very well in TV3where the last Thursday issued a gag very enlightening about what is happening with this bombshell.

TV3 the lia with this video of Juan Carlos

The video begins with the music of the opening scene of the movie The Lion Kingwhile the leaders of PSOE, (Sanchez) Citizens (Inés Arrimadas), PP (Paul Married) and VOX (Santiago Abascal) wake up with the call, as did the animals in the film. All of them are on the road to Zarzuelakneeling down to get when it appeared Juan Carlosperformed again by Jordi ‘alba, lifting up a briefcase full of money, as if it were the small Simba.

Juan Carlos briefcase

The gag swept among viewers, who liked it very much. Others, however, called “video repulsive” and they put the writers of a turn and a half. “How dare?”, commented. And is that not always it rains to taste of all.

Although a good part of the outrage comes from those who lament that the allegations Juan Carlos get to only by this pathway.

What is clear is that at least TV3 yes dare to get wet on the subject. And also that wrong is not to them was. The program brought together no less than the 21,1% of the share. Do not miss the video.