The secret shelter (and luxury) of Ana Obregon and Álex Lequio in Barcelona (and the time that will be)


Ana Obregón MasterChef

March 15, 2020
(11:25 CET)

Ana Obregón is a Spanish artist with a career in the varied industry. Has been instructed in the music, writing, dance, animation and many things more. A woman’s multi-talented that he has touched to be a mother a fighter and the face of all the battles for her son’s cancer, Álex Lequio.

You can never be too ready to assume that a family member is going through a disease as invasive and painful. However, since 2018 when he was diagnosed, Lequio Jr. it feels so optimistic and charismatic as he has always been. On one occasion revealed that: “Neither my parents nor I have lost the sense of humor. We are a family we laugh about everything and we will continue to do so”. Which is great, because stress will only complicate the situation.

Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon

When these symptoms appeared, it was believed that it was a drop in the bucket. Alex revealed that he had only a “Pull back”. His illness was treated primarily in the united States, some time later, he returned to resume his treatments in Madrid. There was a time lapse in 2019 in which he felt better and attributed to a state of good health. Could not be better news. However, recently it was revealed that he has suffered two relapses in the same week.

Ana Obregon and Alex Lequio are hopeful

Ana Obregon and Alex Lequio

The entrepreneur and her mother go to live in a time in a luxury hotel in Barcelona, specifically in Barcelona until the month of June. Receiving a specific treatment for their disease, which is still a new process of dr. Josep Baselga. It is a doctor Spanish very well-known for having been the medical director for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, in addition, founding of a cancer institute and winner of numerous awards in medicine.

In the hospital Quirónsalud, where it will be cured Álex Lequio, have treated thousands of cases a year. So Ana Obregón feels very confident that they will come out ahead.