The trench coat Angelina Jolie


But the effect, like the fluttering hem of the dress slightly, Handbook of layering seasonal marginal advance in the calendar. And those tricks of the sublime Queen of the style of the entire staff that mixa vintagismi, practicality and cult pieces from any closet. In make a note, wishlist the trench coat Angelina Jolie, masterpiece with perfect proportions in a double-breasted, strategic, is the svagaiatura of the reality. Extra reminder: wear them with the same nonchalance, the actress Maleficent it curls on the shoulders, to go shopping (plain, organic, low-losange Lina) with a small daughter, Vivienne.

The hue of vanilla ice cream with a hazelnut coat by Angelina Jolie, is a foretaste of spring, the first official search of the traditional shade of light soft, the hardness of the winter. Is Mat the color, the business card in the dressing room of the diva is deposited, that they always preferred the neutrals between cream, caviar, almond and grey oyster. On the eve of the summer season, with optimism, realistic, and positive spirit for the well-being of the daughters, Angelina Jolie sweetens the masculine cut of the trench coat dress, with a virginal double-layer, with embroidery of equipment, double-40s, it was wonderful dive immortal (as you also).

To is dribble concerns (the presence of Brad Pitt, who, in addition to the daughters, it must not be easy to handle) and slide it into the daily tasks, Angie, the feet in a pair of gorgeous dancers, always nude look the mask and the face, with his classic sunglasses with lenses over, vezzosamente with micro pearls. Et voila the break-up of the extraordinary silence of Angie in the last few months, an extraordinary output for the gesture, the most common, there are, to take coffee + bustone expenditure. This is also the quintessence of Angelina Jolie todayyesterday and tomorrow: a style that in addition to the fashion and hectic, but it crystallizes Lord.