“This won’t work”. Bertin Osborne scared. “Is very serious”. Last time


Bertin Osborne excited

March 16, 2020
(10:30 CET)

Bertin Osborne touched and sunk. Viewers will have closed the door, you do not want to visit more your home or that of any celebrity. The presenter has led to much of the country’s artists and a few interesting left already. The program has been negatively influenced due to the infinite number of deliveries, always with the same dynamics. My house is yours takes leave of his followers, least of 1.5 million and a dismal 9.5% of screen quota of media, but is forever for a few years.

By the time the artist has exclusive contract with Mediaset until the next 2021. Seeing that it was clear that was going to happen, Paolo Vasile he placed it on Viva la vida, where are all the leftovers. However, the husband of Fabiola no he looks very comfortable in the space of heart and less with your section casposa, although you will like a ring on a finger.

bertin osborne concert

Fortunately, Osborne has life beyond the tv. The presenter is also a singer of rancheras and has triumphed with his latest album, I had to fall in love with your mother. Madrid has arranged a tour. For example, at the end of may will visit Granada. However, as has happened to many other artists, his agenda professional could trastocarse.

The coronavirus has made the cancellation of all acts. Have closed theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, festivals, restaurants, bars and parties of the size of the Failures, or the Holy Week of Seville. Many artists have had to take due to force majeure and due to health “holiday”. Bertin Osborne has also cancelled all of its commitments in the coming weeks as a minimum. This could affect their income, since the return to normality may take more time if the number of infected does not descend.