to see movie star on the digital terrestrial Monday, 16. March 2020


A sofistic recommended love story. A few amazing. And the first two episodes of the time cult. Here are the movies and the stars, the tonight on the tv. Don’t miss…

Double-date cone say. And what to say. On Italia 1 to 21.20 Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone the launch to broadcast the entire story of the famous sorcerer’s apprentice of the world (programming and info ve we tell here).

But tonight on television there is also the first Hunger Games (Germany 2, until 21.20). That is, the first Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in our lives.

tonight in television hunger games

The first Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence in our lives. Character and star of the HUNGER GAMES: tonight at the tv, the first episode of the saga, to ITALY, 2 to 21.20

If you but taste less youthful, shall we say, there is Carol (on Rai 3 to 21.20), and The Intern unexpectedly (on channel 5, 21: 20). The first, the one with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. The second, with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Both offers…

It is a small surprise, even Edward Norton is in The Illusionist (on Iris, 21). Action and adrenaline guarantee you Ben Affleck and his movie On the summit of the voltage (on the Paramount Channel, 21.15 clock).

Tonight on tv: the movies to see where, when and why

The saga are? Cheer for Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen? The first is the protagonist of HARRY POTTER AND the philosopher’s STONE-film-the number one of the saga from the books of J K Rowling. In practice, it is the first time that we have seen, Harry, Hermione, Hogwarts, Lord Voldemort,… TO GERMANY, 1 TO 21: 20

But you may want to consider the dystopia of Capitol City and Discover the HUNGER GAMES… Katniss, a master in hunting and in archery, chosen to end up in the”arena”. The games begin… What a show! That Jennifer Lawrence is too young!!! TO ITALY WITH 2 TO 21.20

tonight in the TV carol

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara never been so stylish as in the CAROL, the melodrama of the ‘ 50s, the love scandalous: RAI 3 TO 21.20

If you love stories of love, unique, melodrama and ultra-sofisticate, tonight on television, it is CAROL. Love is 50 years between the upper-woman/mother, Cate Blanchett, and the young artists of the Village, Rooney Mara… you will want to (also) copy all of the appearance, clothing, hair and make-up… ON RAI 3, 21: 20

A few unexpected as the title of the Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in THE INTERN, and UNEXPECTEDLY says. Power is based on the question: what happens when a digital shopper finds help in dover, rent, pensioners, and certainly not as a digital native… Anne Hathaway has then, screaming as usual, a wardrobe… ON CHANNEL 5 TO 21.20

tonight on TV anne hathaway

Some unexpectedly wonderful: Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in The Intern and unexpectedly. ON CHANNEL 5 to 21.20

The title says it all: on the SUMMIT of THE VOLTAGE. Promise kept: Ben Affleck super-Cia-agent Jack Ryan, in the first mission. Lock of a terrorist group to blow up the air, a nuclear bomb in the stadium of the Baltimore… Action and political fiction promise, super show and mascellone of Ben Affleck. ON THE PARAMOUNT CHANNEL-21.15

Small, indie and refined, THE ILLUSIONIST is the story of love and magic in the middle, with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. She’s an aristocrat, he is poor. If you find any of the adults he knows the tricks, can you change your destiny… ON the IRIS TO 21

Good evening, tonight on TV…