Trailer for ‘Vis a Vis: The Oasis’, the strake end of Maca and One that comes full of action


5 years ago, in April of 2015, Antena 3 aired the first episode of the new series of Atresmedia. Since then, ‘Vis a Vis’ suffered some ups and downs, as the non-renewal after the second season, or the new life that gave him FOX Spain. But once established, its great success has led to it being one of the series reference on the national scene. And now, 5 seasons later, it finally is on its large end, ‘Vis-a-Vis: The Oasis’.

Trailer for 'Vis a vis: The oasis

This spin-off, which will serve as a epilogue, premiered on the same day that you did the first, 20 April. And thus, in the absence of a month, the series has already begun to heat engines with a first trailer. Thanks to him it is assumed that the desired outcome is what will bet it all for the action and the epic. And the front, as it could not be of another form, Maca, and Zulema.

Both will have to face new dangers and situations, although this time out of jail. Away from the bars of the cells, the expresidiarias prepare for their last big heist with which to say goodbye all out of that “Tide in Yellow” which continues to grow with the years.

Familiar faces

‘Vis-a-Vis: The Oasis’ will have, in addition to Najwa Nimri and Maggie Civantos, with some of the faces most talked about of the series. Itziar Castro, Claudia Riera, Isabel Naveira, Lisi Linder, Dawn Flowers or Ramiro Blas are only some of the names that complete the cast.

The showrunner will be Iván Escobar, while the team of script is formed by Lucía Carballal and JM Ruiz Córdoba. In the direction of take the knobs Sandra Gallego (also co-producer) and Miguel Angel Vivas. It seems clear that the series will say goodbye with a strake end without losing its characteristic essence.