Urgent. María Teresa Campos found as well. Terelu and Carmen Borrego and ask that you do not have


maría teresa campos moving

March 16, 2020
(15:45 CET)

The corona expands at a great speed all over the territory and the number of people affected continues to grow, so too will the deaths. Seen the gravity of the matter and due to that some citizens turn a deaf ear to the alarm state proclaimed last Saturday night, starting this Monday it will impose fines on people walking down the street if you cannot prove that they have gone to the pharmacy, the grocery store, to work, to walk the dog or take care of an elderly person or dependent.

Through social networks the famous of all disciplines are leading by example through the hashtag #quedateencasa. They have millions of followers and they are a speaker very important in these difficult times. In addition, many of them are entertaining the population with direct on Instagram. Some do comedy shows, other concerts in direct, and some give classes in house training.

Emilio Javier Gómez and María Teresa Campos Many celebrities are very concerned about this situation, especially Maria Teresa Campos. The journalist is 78 years old and is very close to the 80. Without a doubt, is in the group of high risk. It has been reported that among those killed by the coronavirus most of them are people of advanced age and with chronic diseases. For this reason, the communicator has made the decision to hunker down in his large mansion and has still not managed to sell.

María Teresa Campos has cancelled all his professional commitments and also has gotten to see since last week with his new friend, Emilio Javier. It is recommended not to hugging, or touching, or kissing. For this reason nothing of dating. Carmen Borrego and Terelu Fields are those that will make the purchase of your mother and help her in everything you might need so that she wouldn’t leave the house.