With open legs! Jennifer Lopez don’t cover anything!!! Look at your last photo


March 16, 2020
(13:33 CET)

There are those who live oblivious to the reality that is living the planet. The coronavirus seems that it is not a problem to worry about for some. And Jennifer Lopez it is one of those people.

Many of them have been surprised that the singer of new york has not acted on the matter. And is that showing a little bit of awareness is the least that is expected of the celebrities all over the world.

Jennifer Lopez, to his own

It is your opportunity to demonstrate that they serve for something more than to show off the palmetto. But it seems that JLo does not lack.

In fact, the only reference he has made to the coronoavirus has been in the stories, and what he has done has been to share a video come from Palermo in which a dj click on one of their songs in an impromptu party on a balcony. There are people who do not lose the ego but the end of the world.

Jennifer Lopez poses with legs open

What it does Jennifer is to continue showing off the outfits and hot body. The singer of origin puerto rican hung up a publication with a snapshot on the looks with the legs open, with a combination that leaves the sight of your bottom rail, and in the which boasts of state-of-shape and from legs profiled and worked.

At least, that yes, you can’t deny that at least entertains us during the confinement with its perched daring. And that is what I will have thought of the almost 3 million followers they put a “I like” in only a day, or the thousands of users who have written a comment. Attention to the photo.