a cuban from Spain


The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) confirmed Monday the fifth case of coronavirus in the country: a cuban of 63-year-old from Spain.

Besides being in the age of risk, the new patient also has a history of diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension, and heart disease.

The man returned to Cuba from Galicia, on the 8th of march, the 11 began with the symptoms and today proved to be positive to the COVID-19. He was admitted to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, where is the rest of the cases, and remains stable up to this point, according to the minister of Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda.

According to the information presented in the National News of the Cuban Television, measures have been taken for analysis to individuals who may have had contact with the new infected since their arrival in the country.

In the other four cases –three Italian tourists and a villaclareño– only the Italian men, of 61 years, one is in a critical condition, after a worsening of respiratory symptoms, due to their history of bronchial asthma. The other three are taking a clinical course stable.

The minister of Health reported this weekend that in the country there are currently 259 patients admitted for suspected coronavirus, and today they did the test to 75 patients.

In a meeting held today in Havana, the ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel called for tightening the epidemiological surveillance in the airports, while maintaining the decision that all the country’s airports remain open.

This decision is being rejected by thousands of cubans within and outside the country. This Monday, has aggravated the controversy after it became known that Cuba will receive Tuesday morning at the british cruiser MS Braemar with 5 people with coronavirus, who had refused to dock at several ports of the Caribbean.

For this reason, Cuba would be gaining more than two million dollars for airport services for the evacuation of passengers and crew, as said a source in the Civil Aviation of the island to CiberCuba.

In a survey published in the page of Facebook of this news portal, the 83% of readers disagreed with the Government of Cuba will allow the entry to the country of the cruise.

Cuba has received since the 25 of January up to today a total of 24 755 travelers-risk countries, as revealed by the Ministry of Public Health of cuba. To the from countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, the united States and South Korea, which are considered high risk, they are still allowing entry.

The first three cases of coronavirus in Cuba are three italians from the Lombardy region, the most affected of the country; the fourth was in contact with your pareka, who had recently arrived in Milan, and the fifth was admitted to the Island from Italy.

Spain is the second western country most affected by the new coronavirus, and the third, with more cases in the world, after China and Italy, which already reports more than 2000 deaths. Furthermore, Spain recorded the first killed by the coronavirus in Europe, in Valencia.

The iberian country is dealing with the spread increasing cases of coronavirus in the country since January 31, reported the first case, and held until the day of today, a figure of almost 10 000 infected and 342 dead.

This Saturday, the president Pedro Sánchez announced that it is forbidden to go outside, except to buy food or medicine or to go to the doctor, in order to contain the outbreak of coronavirus, which affects the european country.