Academy awards, Scarlett Johansson and other actors that you have received 2 nominations in the same year


One of the best Avengers is not enough to Scarlett Johansson then have agreed to make a movie, stand-alone, for his character, Marvel (Black Widow), in the year of 2019 has also made an effort in two dramatic roles, to remind us that you are one of the best Actresses of her generation. Thanks to this choice, now it is one of the few actors who have managed to receive two nominations for an Oscar and two times in the same year.

Before 2020, Scarlett Johansson has never been nominated for an Oscar in any category (although he made films like Lost in Translation The girl with The pearl earring in which he has a perfect job made with), but now, Story of a marriagein which he plays a woman, for the termination of your relationship with your man, and Jojo Rabbitthe satirical Comedy from Taika Waititi, the achieved critical of national socialism, has, what, only 11 players, before you are convinced that you have his skills as members of the Academy, so much so, that, the, used in two of the categories with more competition, the ceremony, the Best actress and Best supporting actress.

His work in the heart-wrenching story from the end of a marriage, told from Noah Baumbach is one of the best things that he has in his career and led the nominations, you have to fight as best actress, while her role as a mother, who dare to defy the dictatorship to save a life Jojo Rabbit brought has a place with Florence Pugh Small women among the great performers, the competition for the award in the category best actress in a supporting role.

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Scarlett Johansson does the story in one edition of the Academy awards, the, once more, the women from the categories of management, and has given preference to with the actors in white (the only exception Cynthia Erivo of Harriet ). More in detail, but they are United to an exclusive club of actors and Actresses symbolic, iconic and legendary, for those who were so happy (well, it is not in order to own happiness, such as good decisions) you have two excellent projects in the same year.

He could the first woman, the two to conquer Oscar in both categories the art of acting in the same year. The competition is strong. Scarlett Johansson focuses on Saoirse Ronan (Small women), Cynthia Erivo (Harriet), Charlize Theron (Bombshell) and Renee Zellweger (Judyas an actress and Kathy Bates (Richard Jewell), Laura Dern (Story of a marriage) , Florence Pugh (Small women) and Margot Robbie (Bombshell) as best supporting actress. As the only appointed, two times, statistically, has more chances to win.

Oscar, the 11 actors in this way, a double-nomination in the same year

Fay Bainter

She was the first actress to achieve this goal. In 1938 actress was nominated as the best main for the drama White flags (also if you lost to Bette Davis The pit of sins), and has completed, you will receive the award as best supporting actress for her role along side Bette Davis in your The pit of sins.

Teresa Wright

Four years after Fay Bainter, Teresa Wright was nominated for his role in The idol of the masses and a second time for his work as a supporting actress in the film Mrs. Miniverwhat he win be done to an Oscar.

Barry Fitzgerald

Barry Fitzgerald was appointed the first man, two times, and also the first actor is appointed for a, twice for the same interpretation as father Fitzgibbon My way in the year 1944. The artist has the nomination as the best actor and best supporting actor and won in the second category. In his case, the Academy convinced to change the rules so that it could not be nominated, twice for the same character and film.

Jessica Lange

Have passed 38 years, before someone else gets a double-nomination, he won at least one category. Jessica took a Long him in 1982. Candidate for best actress Frances and as best supporting actress for Tootsie (role, which he eventually won).

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver was the first actress to lose two nominations in a year and the game in both directions. The applications were as best actress for Gorillas in the mist and as best supporting actress for A woman in the career.

Al Pacino

The year in which Al Pacino you won your first Oscar Scent of a womanwas nominated in the category best supporting actor for Americans.

Emma Thompson and Holly Hunter

In a year of historic the two Actresses, the double nomination will have.
Emma Thompson What remains of the day (best actress) and In the name of the fatherboth without a win. Holly Hunter was in dispute with Piano lessons (best actress) and for The member (best supporting actress, award went to his mate set Piano lessons Anna Paquin).

Julianne Moore

In 2002, Julianne Moore, candidate for best actress Far away from Paradise and best supporting actress for The Hours (inspired by Virginia Wolf). Unfortunately for you, lost in both categories.

Jamie Foxx

Two years later, in 2004, Jamie Foxx, the price won as the best actor Rayin the role of the legendary Ray Charles, and was also nominated in the category of best supporting role Collateral.

Cate Blanchett

In 2007, Cate Blanchett was the first woman to be appointed two times the same figure, if also in a distance of years, (best actress Elizabeth: The Golden Age 10 years from the movie Elizabeth). At the same time was in the story, because the candidate was also best supporting actress and with this role the second woman in the history of the Academy appointed in the shoes of a man. The film was I am Not Therethe man is Bob Dylan.

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