Aislinn Derbez will leave the social networking for COVID-19


Aislinn Derbez moved to its more than 9.4 million followers of Instagram with a photo of her daughter Kailani along with his sister Aitana, publication and took to narrate her experience with motherhood and her feeling about the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico, as a possible absence in their social networks.

This for have the concern of the quarantine by COVID-19, it has been decided to implement, in different states of the Mexican Republic, with more than 50 confirmed cases by contagion of this disease, so that the daughter of Eugenio Derbez not slow in informing their fans about the issue.

“I love you to love each other as sisters even though they are aunt and niece (that not insane?) … by the way I think that in this quarantine I also desconectaré of social networks for a while.. detox and reset everything. It’s good that we can still get out to nature,” wrote Aislinn Derbez.

Aislinn Derbez on Instagram

One of the celebrities who commented on the snapshot of Aislinn Derbez, was the also mexican actress Sandra Echeverria, who had been suffering with a pain in his stomach for several months and even shared a visit with several specialists without knowing your condition.

“I like it!! Disconnect of social networking with you. Very healthy for all”

Although the pandemic Coronavirus is a reality that benefited the reduction of environmental pollution, many are concerned about this absence in the labour market, as some may continue working from home, but many do not have these benefits, and the fans of Aislinn expressed this concern.

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“ romanticize both the quarantine I generated a lot of conflict… so many people who do not know if you eat if you want to, it is not a reset, to many mexicans, street vendors… For many it will be a nightmare”, commented a user of Instagram to the mexican actress.