Amy Adams creates his instagram and uses it as a beneficial action


Amy Adams he opened his Instagramhowever, to start with the right foot, he decided to do it with a beneficial action, and that is that, due to the quarantine by Coronavirus, Amy Adams will be reading stories to children, so that they have a way of getting distracted while we have suspended the classes because of this disease.

Less than a day of having created your Instagram, Amy Adams managed to have more of 135 thousand followers in this social network, but the Oscar-nominated actress, you are not just reading stories, but that is also taking part in a program that provides academic resources and power to most of 30 million of low-income children, who receive support in the schools, but due to the quarantine can not get them.

“Hello Instagram! Finally I decided to join for children all over the country that need help and support during this difficult time…

…My friend Jennifer Garner and I launched Save With Stories, a place to see your favorite celebrities read the favorite books of your children,” explained Amy Adams.

Also, invited the society to join the program and make donations in order that children are the least affected by the Covid-19 New Coronavirus, which is affecting the whole world

Check out the video of Amy Adams

The video of Amy Adams already has more than 100 million copies, more than 50 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments from fans who have applauded the initiative of the Oscar-nominated actress.

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“To make a donation of $ 10, send a text message with the word SAVE to 20222. If you’re going to donate another amount please visit our web site, there is no maximum nor minimum, together we rise and together we will be able to help,” invited Amy Adams.