Ariana Grande criticised because “she always wears the same 2 outfits”: as he defended his unmistakable style


17 January 2020

When we think of the style Ariana Grande we have now a clear picture: sweatshirt oversize, boots above the knee and high tail it. Over the years it has become his distinctive look and unmistakable, that the fans love and adore and emulate. But there is someone who doesn’t appreciates it, some Twitter users have, in fact, trollato the beautiful 26-year-old for his fashion choices. The singer of “Thank you next” has decided to respond to criticism and teasing.

The drama it began when two fans are placed to chirp about how Ariana “can easily stand out without always wearing the same 2 outfits“and the fact that “wearing the same combo boots/knit long years“.

Ariana usually let it slide this type of discussion, but not this time, and decided to respond to fans:

Thank God I am a singer, give us a cut. Not like me to photograph you, I’m running from the paparazzi almost every time. I won’t post never photos that are not on the stage, but I promise to have clothes very cute“she wrote Ariana in response to one of the tweets.

When another fan wrote that “they just want the best for her“Ari added that what people see in the photos of the paparazzi is not his style.

I already know, but I also know that I never made to see in another way. I promise to be cute here in my world. I can’t even get a pair of boots lately because of the image traumatic that I have in my head of these… tik tok performer“said Ariana, making reference to some of his look-alike (sometimes a little disturbing) of TikTok.

Ariana continued to exchange jokes with many other fans, but it has kept the discussion rather carefree. We just hope that Ariana decides to share with us all some of his cute outfits from herown world“!

And, above all, we can’t wait to find out what he will wear to perform at the Grammy Awards 2020!

ph. getty images

ph. getty images