Ariana Grande has a message for those who still underestimate #IoRestoACasa: “it Is dangerous and selfish”


16 March 2020

After supported the Italy asking to make a donation to help our Country, unfortunately among the most affected by the emergency coronavirus, Ariana Grande returned to the topic to make known to his fans around the world to comply #IoRestoACasa.

Don’t go out and keep the recommended distances from each other, and to take care of personal hygiene, are the only weapons that we can use to do our part in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 and the singer has not sent to say to those who still did not understand how it is imported comply with these rules.

On Instagram, he explained, to hear from “a surprising amount of people“phrases that minimized the problem:

I understand that you felt like this a few weeks ago, but please read what is happening now. Please, do not turn the head to the other side – has written – Take this situation lightly is incredibly dangerous and selfish. To say ‘We are good because we are young’ means to put in a lot of trouble those who are not young or healthy“.

Makes you look stupid and snobbish. You have to take care of others. Immediately“he concluded, in no uncertain terms.

Then, in a tweet, he added, ironically but not too much: “Your yoga lessons hip hop can wait, I promise“.

Ariana Grande is using its platform to millions of followers in the best possible way, i.e. by conveying the right message #IoRestoACasa. So they are making also other stars such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

ph: getty images