AuronPlay against the ropes. Just know this. And it is devastating! Watch the video


March 16, 2020
(18:41 CET)

AuronPlay must not be very happy about all the competition that is appearing in these days of exceptionality in which they are to be in the house. That fact has caused many of the celebrities choose to jump into the world of Youtube.

And there is one that already carried more than four videos, and it seems that has come to stay if the tours are as up to the moment. That famous is no other than Kiko Rivera.

It seems that the son of Isabel Pantoja is opting for speak cards and the world of gaming on your channel, which is having many visualizations at the moment.

You do not have the coronavirus

Some media outlets had echoed the possible positive for coronavirus Kiko Rivera, something that has been ordered he himself to rule out with a publication in your account of Instagram which has been called wisdom.

The DJ called for respect for him and his family: “Thank God I don’t have the coronavirus, please, to those that take this news, which have a little bit of respect.”

In addition, warned of being very well with his family confined to home: “I see myself in the obligation to upload this video. I’m in my home with my family, with my wife, with my children, trying to pass all this chaos in the best way possible. The only thing I wish is that this will pass as soon as possible”.