Bated breath for Ariana Grande concerts at risk: “I’m really sick.”


In this period, Ariana has gone on to perform, but with great difficulty. But now must raise the white flag. The concert is on 17 November, in Lexington, it has already been deleted, but the risk may be others.

On the other hand, the artist is submitting a real tour de force: the “Sweetner World Tour“it started on the 18th of march, and since then it has gone on for all the months to follow, with very few breaks, and in the program there are show still for the next few weeks of November and almost all December.

Ariana posted on Instagram photos of her while struggling with an areosol and then a bag of iv infusion of vitamins. “I don’t really have any idea what is happening to my body and I need to understand it,” said the singer to fans. “I’ll see the doctors again and I will let you know for the show. I’m really sorry so much”. What worries us, Ariana is the duration this ailment and the fact that the doctors don’t seem to come to head.

In aid of the singer, is now Barbra Streisandthat he wanted to encourage her and give her some advice. “Take a swill nice strong vitamin C based, with a bit of Manuka honey and of course a nice chicken soup”.