Cardi B shows off his natural hair and is “so proud”


17 March 2020

If there is someone who loves to wigs boldthis is certain is Cardi B. From when it exploded its global fame, thanks to the first single, “Bodak Yellow”, the rapper we were surprised with a flurry of wigs, always different and always perfectly matched to the outfit, on stage, on the red carpet, on Instagram. But under the Cardi has a gorgeous head of natural hair and the 27-year-old has shown to the fans in a video selfie on his Instagram Stories, you won’t be able to stop you to admire its glorious, long and voluminous curls.

Here’s the story shot from a fan account:

Look at my hair. These are my real hair“says the Cardi, the sound of a shower flowing in the background. “Yes! Now I wash them. Wow, I’m so proud of myself“.

Who knows, then, how long this took to grow this foliage spectacular. It is worth noting also his manicure multicolor. While you touch your hair with pride, you can see that each of her nails super-long, has a nail Polish of a different color: pink, blue, yellow, purple, and peach. Will also be natural ones? Hard to say, but in this case, it is surely even more impressive.

In the next clip, Cardi has finished washing her hair and started to make the fold. Half of the crown is smooth, the other curly, but in this way we can understand how much they are actually long its natural hair and the are a lot!

ph. getty images