Celia Lora makes her dream a reality, and meet a famous Hollywood actor ¡OMG!


The sensual and famous playmate Celia Lorahe fulfilled one of his long yearned-for dreams, for the daughter of Alex Lora bragged about the emotional meeting he had with a famous actor Hollywood through its official account of Instagram, where he has impacted his fans.

The famous model Celia Lora decided to share a variety of photographs in your personal account of Instagram, as on this occasion put aside their moments hottest to brag about the encounter he had with the actor Hollywood Dolph Lundgren.

Dolph Lundgren came to Mexico City as part of an event from video games, movies and superheroes, where the famous actor in sweden, 62 years of age left captivated Celia Lora, whom he did not hesitate a moment in attending to the convection in order to know it.

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The Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren, became famous for having participated in the successful film “Rocky IV” starring Sylvester Stallone, since then he had various interests in the world of cinema.

Celia Lora fell in love with a famous

The fans of the famous were head-over-heels in love with him, but apparently Celia Lora has been a fan of the Hollywood actor, because in that photo that he shared on Instagram, you can appreciate how excited I was the playmate of knowing him.

“Very very happy with my friend @dolphlundgren thank you for coming to #Mexico #cdmx”. Wrote Celia Lora.

It seems that the mexican model Celia Lora was very happy to fulfill your dream of meeting a famous Hollywood, even also took in to take pictures with some characters of successful tv series and share them on their social networks.

Celia Lora enjoyed attending the convention that was held in Mexico City, even in their stories of Instagram boasted some pictures with their faithful fans.

Photo: Instagram.