Christopher Hivju, actor of Game of Thrones, you are positive for Coronavirus


Christopher Hivju played Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thronesbeing a actor born in Norway, and with 41 years old of age, he surprised his millions of fans with the sudden news of having tested positive in a test for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The actor GOT he confessed that his whole family has been put in quarantine for an indefinite time, with good health, presenting mild symptoms of a cold, so Christopher Hivju felt the need to make awareness on the people that are not with the same fate and shared measures of prevention against COVID-19.

“There are people with greater risk that this virus may be a diagnostic devastating…I urge you to be extremely careful, wash hands, stay within 1.5 meters away from the other… just make everything possible to stop the spread of the virus,” said Christopher Hivju.

Actor GOT positive by COVID-19

“Together we can fight this virus and prevent a crisis in our hospitals. Take care of yourself, keep your distance and stay healthy! Visit the web site of the Center for Disease Control in your country and follow the rules to keep you safe and protect not only yourself, but our entire community,” added the actor.

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Christopher Hivju is added to the list of celebrities that were positive for Coronavirus, being a situation of the utmost prevention to reduce the risk of contagion; also to raise awareness among your loved ones not to fall in panic, the most important thing in keeping calm and follow the instructions of health in your country.