Cristina Pedroche does not use pajamas and photograph as well on the bed for you to see it


March 17, 2020
(13:20 CET)

If there is a celebrity in Spain that is always characterized by sharing everything with your followers, that is not other than Cristina Pedroche. The collaborator of Zapeando and The Anthill you know very well that a good part of your audience comes to it for its naturalness and for their humor.

Hence, their account Instagram is a mix of serious publishing as in posing for a few magazines or in your advertising campaigns, as well as publications ‘gamberras’, in which we see the wild side of Pedroche.

Whether they are jokes to her husband, their famous dances through the aisles of Atresmedia or their also famous publications in which leaves very very little to the imagination, Pedroche always what to talk about.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche

And that is, that yes, for many, that is what you are looking for. Taking into account that is in your best moment as a professional, all that is that your name goes viral in the networks beyond the days previous and later to the Chimes, is more than welcome.

That is why Pedroche always strip of sensuality. And now there have been many that have recovered a photo session that made the woman David Muñoz a long time ago to Iconof The Countryin which Cristina makes it very clear that you do not use pajamas for sleeping.


A photo session in which the Vallecas returns to show that, how well point many of his followers, “it can be very sensual if you propose so”. In fact, the comments in this sense is not that have been a few precisely. On the contrary.

My mother if it is that this woman is a goddess”, “I love it when Cristina gets in the ‘mode’ model, you are gorgeous”, “it seems to Me a very sensual woman that, yes, for doing the fool, you lose a lot of grace”, “I Hope to do more photo shoots like this” or “This is the Pedroche that I have fallen in love with and not The Chimes, that seeks only notoriety” are some of the many views in that regard.