Cuban proposes ideas of what to do if you’re bored during the quarantine for the coronavirus


The youtube and dancer cuban Kenny Alvarez has shared a video on his channel in which he proposes to his followers a number of ideas to do at home if you’re bored during the quarantine because of the coronavirus.

Learn how to make creative photos with your mobile phone, to improve your level of game, open up your own YouTube channel, to raise your self-esteem by practicing poses in front of the mirror, read books or develop skills, are some of the tips provided by young in order to spend these moments of alarm, health and confinement.

Kenny Alvarez is not only dedicated to creating entertainment content for its YouTube channel. Several have been the occasions that has surprised its users on the network showing another of his great talents: the dance.

The young man, who resides in Barcelona, one of the Spanish cities mostly affected by the COVID – 19has starred in several audiovisual materials, where he exposes his side more cuban and tropical along with other companions of the guild.

Example of this is the video in which he and the choreographer, professional Alieva Rodriguez Dinza taught the basic techniques to put in salsa dancing through a simple video of just 90 seconds of duration.