Cuban sings to his neighbors in Spain during the quarantine period for coronavirus


The cuban Rafaela of the Charity, Santana Rodríguez, better known as Cachitahe joined also to the initiatives that are being lived in Italy and Spain during the quarantine by the coronavirusout to the balconies to sing and do a little bit more bearable this isolation unprecedented that they are living thousands of people.

The young man, based in Bilbao, north of Spain, from a year ago, went out to his terrace, microphone in hand, to give a little joy to their neighbors and to put his granite of sand to the campaign #QuédateEnCasa, with which it seeks to generate awareness and responsibility in the people before the pandemic coronavirus, and who have joined many artists and influencers to encourage people and let them know that they are not alone.

Cachita, born in Cienfuegos, he sang the success Sound the drumsof the cuban Laritza Bacallao and the Spanish version of the theme Never Enoughof the movie musical The Greatest Showman.

The singer told CiberCuba his performance also goes to its people of Cuba and stated their disagreement with the lack of action by the government to curb the spread of the virus in the Island, that puts in risk to the population in general.

“Mostly I stood on the terrace of the house to sing in support of Cuba and what is happening now there. I disagree with that do not close airports.”

“In Cuba I have my mother, my sister, many friends, my family, and perhaps this little bit of energy to serve for them, too,” he said.

While in Cuba he engaged in the music, in Spain still has not been able to open up a way artistic, but it has several ways that you can do this, which expected to be realized after you pass all this crisis and the country can return to normal.

On the personal level, Cachita lives happily with his wife Irene, with whom he could fulfil the dream to marry in a legal way, thanks to the laws of Spain.

The campaign #QuédateEnCasa have been added also from Spain the cubans Ariel of Cuba, to the rhythm of merengue electronic, and urban music asked his followers to avoid the contact to contain the spread of the virus; and the singer Katia Marquez, who made it to the rhythm of the popular salsa cubana.

In Italy, the soprano cuban Diana Rosa Cárdenas shocked their neighbors with their wonderful interpretation of Cecilia Valdés.