Danna Paola Can leave Lucrecia? Published emotional message on Instagram

Through your account officer Instagram, Danna Paola he shared an emotional message on his account Instagrambut it is time dedicated to the character of Lucrecia, role it has played for 3 years, where you put in the skin of this, being one of the most important of his career.

In that sense, after the start of the third season, Danna Paola he shared in his instagram several photos of dramatizing his character, and dedicating a few words that did thrill the fans of the interpreter Sodium.

“Lucrecia… that luck that you have arrived, that fortune to share ribs and shadows, since those cold nights of January daydreaming to come out to hunt at dawn…

… until the day of today that I enjoy and learn so much.Nobody tells us no, and here we are”, published by Danna Paola.

The third season of Elite has been a success in its first weekend of release,this series has filled us all with mixed emotions, on where we have gone from empathy, sadness, anger and surprise, all in just 8 chapters that have made us vibrate.

Danna gave details of Elite on your disk

Recently it has been suggested that Danna Paola could have spoileado the third season of the Elite with his album Sie7e Plus, since one of the songs is a major “pole to earth” and just the third season focuses on the death of Polo, the character in the first season he killed a Marine.

Also, Spoiler Alert for those who were Elite, you will know that the character of Nadia lives in a relationship with a man who turned out to be gay, so you think that Danna Paola had given the spoiler with the song Sodium.

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Danna Paola has become, after his work on Elite, in a the mexican singer’s most followed in Instagram, with over 17 million followers on this social network, and there are very few missing to reach 18 million.

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