David Bisbal-the re-roll! Comments non-stop. It video pump!!! And has hours


March 16, 2020
(16:00 CET)

There are many celebrities that are making use of their popularity in the social networks to send messages to their followers work how to deal with the coronavirus. On the other hand, there are many who share how they are living their days of seclusion at home.

David Bisbal is one of them. However, as is well known by its followers, the Spanish got the leg recently giving a tip that led to a lot of criticism. “This makes sense, I recommend to everyone to take vitamin C along with vitamin D and glutathione. To keep the immune system strengthened,” he noted Bisbal in a video alongside a course provider.

And of course, many pulled over: “doSince when are you a doctor? What you need to do is to follow the health recommendations and to maintain good hand hygiene with water and soap” or “David, delete this, please. You have a lot of outreach and are using to spread disinformation”were some of the messages in this sense.

The new video of David Bisbal

Surely being very aware of the that had bundled, Bisbal wanted to amend his mistake and has posted a video in which we see him singing in his house. On the other hand, taking into account that the singer is going to pass (like many other spaniards) for a few days at home, wondering what songs they would like to listen to their followers.

“Hoy after training at home a little bit the cardio, I started to remember some of the songs that he sang with the orchestra expressions, it is always a good time to sing the songs of other peers… what next song you would like to share?”, pointing to David.

A video that, in this case, yes, it has generated a wave of positive comments towards him. “So yes David, so, yes,” “you Are very grade”, “I love that you know to acknowledge an error, even though do not say so” or “This video already has more sense than the bundled that you hung the other day” are some of the comments in this regard.