David Bowie, the last time that Scarlett Johansson sang with him [VIDEO]


Was in the distance or in the vicinity, depends on the factors 2008. We are standing in front of an actress, young, but already quite well established, in the large and small screen, respectively. Scarlett Johansson. You know them all, for his role Widow Black in the movies Marvel the Avengers and he had Woody All and the brothers Coen. Our have always had a passion for the music often used for the career film. But in 2008, Scarlett, you took out a disk, on the name were enormous. One of which was the Duke White, David Bowie. We will see then Scarlett Johansson they sang together David Bowie.


The title of the first disc Scarlett Johansson title Anywhere I Lay My Headand sees the collaboration of names, in fact melodious. The hard disk is almost full hard drive authorand why? We go with peace of mind. The hard disk has a good 10 songs written by a real legend music contemporarya songwriter awesome and incredibly. We are speaking here of a figure of great personalities in the world filmbesides music. In addition, it is a great friend of Roberto Benigni and you played with him in various films, including Daunbailò and The Tiger and the snow. We’ll talk Tom Waits.


The plate was registered in the first, in 2007, in the studies Dockside of Maurice, in Louisiana. Was Atco Records bear the responsibility for the production of the data carrier thanks to David Andrew Sitekalready established in the world of American. The desire Scarlett it was a cd singing songs written by others and here came his “help” Tom Waits. For you, Our wrote 4 songs and only and 6 more with his wife and partner in life Kathleen Brennan. The album also contains a song, Song for Jowritten exactly Scarlett Johansson. But what is the song that Scarlett sings Bowie?


Falling Down is the title in question, the first and only single excerpt from the album March 2008. The name of the Duke White it is also credited and appears in this track, but not only: because he is at present choirs also in the song Fannin Street. But how is it title? Has a musicality very deep and gets a lot of the world of dream and the science fictionin a particularly atmosphere fantastic. There is no doubt that, despite the presence Bowie rather, lowthat has had a versatile musician and singer of the British influence not indifferent.


The album is actually a collection of cover Tom Waitsnothing more. The question of what to tell us project more. So what can although brava actress in several of these songs so amazing? Not much, it must be said,. But at the end of the love of Scarlett Johansson the music of Waits is distinctive and to be honest. Has decided basically what you like. The parts are renewed, before and a corresponding resonance of Scarlett this is certainly not the Tom Waits. But honestly, with us going so well. Not good power of music, because, she said, but it also doesn’t hurt. Now we have seen that Scarlett Johansson sang with David Bowie.