Disney Plus could overtake its premiere in Latin america thanks to the coronavirus


Disney Plus has given clues about the possible advance of its premiere in countries of Latin america as a result of the quarantines by coronavirus that have been implemented around the world.

Disney Plus could overtake its premiere in Latin america thanks to the coronavirus

Activated Twitter accounts of Disney Plus Latin america

Despite the fact that it is still a rumor, users of Twitter have noticed that the official accounts of Disney Plus for Latinoaméricto and Brazil have you updated your profile picture and information, as occurred when ahead of the premiere in Spain of the platform.

In Spain, Disney Plus had a release date to the 31 of march, but after the implementation of a quarantine in the country due to a coronavirus, the company will launch the streaming platform a week ahead of schedule, and announced right after changing your social networks.

When you perform a similar action on the Twitter accounts for Latin america and Brazil, as well as the arrival of the coronavirus to the continent, Twitter users suspect that Disney Plus could be released in advance.

How Disney takes advantage of the coronavirus?

Although Disney has not confirmed that its new streaming service ahead of its premiere for Latin america and Brazil, it would be a good time because thousands of citizens are in their houses as a preventive measure to the coronavirus.

The premiere ahead of Disney Plus, it could help the company to cope with the setbacks caused by the coronavirus as it was to postpone the world premiere of some of their tapes as the live action of Mulan and the shooting of others, such as The little Mermaid.

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