Drake Bell cancels Mexico event by Covid-19


Through a video on their social networks, Drake Bell regretted having to cancel their events scheduled for this month in Mexico, this as a preventive measure by the sanitary contingency that affects the planet because of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

And is that Drake Bell’s love for Mexico, he did not hesitate to obey the orders imposed by the government, to cancel those massive events, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, so I’m very sorry not to be present, but assured that the first thing is the health of their fans.

“To my fans in Mexico, I very much regret to announce that the dates of my upcoming shows will have to be postponed due to the circumstances caused by the Covid-19…

…I feel very sad of not being able to visit them for now, but what is most important for all is our health and safety,” he said Drake Bell.

The singer Drake Bell said that as soon as you have news about the new dates will know, so soon requested his fans to stay home and be responsible for their health.

Drake Bell would come to Merida

The singer had scheduled several events in Mexico, including performances in Querétaro, Villahermosa and Merida, so that your fans have lamented that they have to make this decision, but understand that it is necessary to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Drake Bell is not the only singer who has been affected by this disease, as performers such as Carlos Rivera, and events such as the Pa’l Norte have been seen in the need to cancel, due to the sanitary contingency caused by the Covid-19 New Coronavirus.

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Drake Bell is one of the singers most dear in Mexico, in fact, the interpreter has said how much he loves this country, and their social networks usually have them in Spanish, in order to please his Latin american audience.