Emotional concert of two musicians from their balconies in Barcelona for the coronavirus


The streets of cities are deserted, but the balconies and windows of the spaniards have been full of life as a result of the restrictions by the Government of Spain, which has imposed to its citizens not being able to leave their homes while the threat of coronavirus is still present.

During the first few days of quarantine have been several scenes that have viralizado in networks and demonstrate that despite the exceptional situation that the country is living, your neighbors are still united.

One of them is the applause that rings out every day at the same hour in the whole of Spain in a mark of gratitude to the medical staff for their work. And this Sunday it was an emotional concert that featured a pianist and a saxophonist from their respective balconies. A wonderful show that the two musicians gave them away to their neighbors during the confinement.

This scene is lived in Barcelona, and her neighbours received with great enthusiasm, like it happened in social networks, where the video was not slow in turning to the world for the excitement.

Only the original video is over 500 thousand views on Instagram, and is recorded from the balcony of Albert Gestoso, the pianist. It also sees the saxophonist Alex Lebron, who has also shared the particular concert from your perspective.

This musical show is lived with great emotion and respect for the exceptional situation that is living in Spain, as is happening in other countries of the world where have happened to similar scenes.

Without a doubt, the music, the sense of humor and the sense of unity being the main ingredients to cope with this health crisis that has affected millions of people all over the world.