Exatlón TV Azteca: They are winners of the third season


During the grand final of the reality show, the 4 finalists “Exatlón TV Azteca”clashed in the first circuit of the olympic pool, to demonstrate their skills in the tough competition of extreme sports.

In the first circuit of “Exatlón TV Azteca”the first two finalists compete in the final were Heliud Polished and Heber Gallegos, who were the best athletes and achieved their pass for the last challenge.

While the following finalists of the women of “Exatlón TV Azteca, had a strong challenge also in the circuit of the olympic pool. Casandra Ascencio and Tilly Alvarez, faced extreme obstacles.

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In the grand final lived moments of anguish, as Tilly took the lead, but in the second circuit, he won the Casandra Ascencio, but in spite of the attempts of the basketball player, the warrior Alvarez recovered in the third circuit, taking first place for the third season.

Before the defeat, the participant Casandra Ascencio of the blue team could not contain the tears after the victory of Tilly Alvarez, who from the beginning of the season of “Exatlón TV Azteca, proved to be a fighter at each circuit end.

Remember that the top 4 finalists of “Exatlón TV Azteca” chose the circuit to beat your opponents, but only two participants of this third season had to prove their skills in the sport and be positioned as the undisputed winners of the reality show end.

So he lived the final “Exatlón TV Azteca”

For the last challenge of the men’s team, Heliud and Heber tied for the lead in the circuits, but only one could be the champion of the third season of “Exatlón TV Azteca”, so it lived a hard battle in one of the challenges more extreme in the grand final.

They were seconds that had a difference of both participants in the team of Famous in the last circuit end, the two finalists fought and gave all of their effort to win “Exatlón TV Azteca” and get the victory.

But after a strong challenge, the big winner was Heliud known as “Black Panther”, who despite being injured, he gave his best effort and was placed as the winner of the third season of “Exatlón TV Azteca”.

Photo: Instagram.