Famous actor south Korean could have been infected by COVID-19


Kim Woo Bin it is a actor of South Korearecognized for having participated in the popular K-Drama “Heirs”but a recent information by the media Ituajasays ensure that a member of the staff that works on the famous in a photo session, had tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the media Nation Rex, this news about Kim Woo Bin been infected by COVID-19 is totally falsebecause no statement from the agency of the actor has confirmed or denied these rumors-which have not ceased to amaze in social networks on a chain false information that angered the fans.

This is not the first time that a medium you decide to use everything related to the pandemic by Coronavirus to gain popularity, being a way to cause panic among users of social networks about their favorite artists and in this case, the fans of Kim Woo Bin are concerned about the health of the actor.

What Kim Woo Bin in a delicate state of health?

The agency Sidus HQ represents the actor of south korea, being the ones who got to know the state of health of the famous on cancer of nasopharynx, which already is being treated in a hospital is not revealed in Seoul, and his girlfriend Shin Min Ah has always shown to be on his side.

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“Every time I go to the hospital room of Kim Woo Bin, I see Shin Min Ah at his side… it is very famous for what he calls the attention of everyone, including the staff of the hospital so this could be uncomfortable for her. However, she leaves all of that out of your importance and remains at the side of him, to support in the recovery of Kim Woo Bin,” said a journalist anonymous.