Fidel Albiac calla, but she’s not! Rocío Carrasco covered up to now — get this!


wedding Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac

March 17, 2020
(09:00 CET)

Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac are making the news daily without appearing on television or any other means of communication. Everything is the fault of the popularity of Antonio David Flores and Rocio Flores. The former civil guard was the surprise a few months ago when you confirmed your participation in the GH VIP 7 after years of silence. With him came his daughter. The granddaughter of Rocío Jurado was your support during the contest. Now they have reversed the roles. She is the contestant and he the defender.

Even though they are storing up large amounts of money, you have also seen how his life has changed completely, to be made public. From Save me trying to take the greatest filthy rags of both to destroy his image. Has been the programme Living the life who has wanted to investigate the past of the employee. A reporter has been moved up to Argentona, municipality of Barcelona, where they lived Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David when they were a happy marriage.

Antonio David Flores defends in Save meWe moved the year 1995, Antonio David was embroiled in various controversies that made him leave the body of the Civil Guard. From the program spoke with several witnesses in a very close to tertullian. Regarding this matter there are two camps, those who support the father of the Dew and the Flowers that tear it apart.

Their neighbors of 25 years ago remembered Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David as two people who are very good and very happy when they were together. However, on the other side it is said that she had a “bad image” and that there was a “scam”. Both Antonio David as a colleague of his were sentenced to six months in prison for embezzling public. It was when the partner was put in the center of mira.

That same year also occurred a fight with two young people under the age of age where it went dotted with Antonio David. For these reasons, he left the body of the Praiseworthy. The former of Rocío Carrasco always told that it was by his own volition, however, a exvecina the employee said she was forced to leave.

This same woman also told how was the marriage: “Nobody can imagine what she has cried and has gone, because it has not been counted.” In addition, it ensures that Antonio David betrayed both her and her Dew with an exclusive to a magazine.