Gabriel Soto BENCHING Laura Bozzo by attacking Irina Baeva


Gabriel Soto it is one of the leading men of the telenovelas in Mexico, that since his divorce with the beautiful actress Geraldine Bazán, has not ceased to be in the eye of the hurricane, as it goes in controversy in controversy.

It is now Gabriel Soto finally showed his reaction to the harsh criticism that some days ago Laura Bozzo made against his girlfriend, Irina Baeva, this during an interview at an event attended by the famous actor.

Comment of Gabriel Soto to Irina Baeva

In this interview the lead actor, Televisa said that both he and the actress Russian do not take into account this type of comments and more if they are vulgar, because changes are taken into account the views depending on who comes, so he said:

“Irina says it as well and I also say to you, you have to take things from whom they come. What I say is that it is a sadness that has a woman speaking with such vulgarity, and especially in a topic that not even concern you, or you are interested in, or affects”.

But that was not all, as the famous actor Gabriel Soto said that despite the criticisms both he and Irina are still liked by the public and that is reflected in the success that each of their projects are having:

“Here is the affection of the people, the people we want, people we follow, we have work, we just do the novel of Unmarried daughters, which was a great success, I have work proposals and the most important thing for me is that my daughters are well.”

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It should be noted that Gabriel Soto is the son of Elisa Diaz Lombardo and Francisco Soto Borja Anda, was the husband of the also actress and tv presenter Geraldine Bazan, with whom he had two daughters, who remained in charge of his mother, after the divorce.