Galilea Montijo made it the fuchi, a famous conductor of Televisa ¡Escándalo!


The journalist shows Alex Kaffie, revealed in their social networks that the beautiful driver Galilea Montijohad an unexpected encounter with a famous conductor of Televisaas the presenter of the program “Today” did not want to work with her.

The conductive Galilea Montijo was chosen to reveal the nominees for “Premios TVyNovelas” next to the driver of Televisa Cynthia Urías, but apparently according to the journalist, the presenter of the morning requested a change of partner.

And is that have given to know that the host of the program “Today”, had a few run-ins with Cynthia Urías, because when the presenter was part of the morning of Televisa, Montijo made him the life impossible to the famous.

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Before the scandal, several users thought about it and have mentioned that Galilea Montijo you have to envy the driver of Televisa by your beauty, while other users commented that the host of “Tell me already” is more charismatic than her.

“Cynthia has a lot more charisma and naturalness that Galilee, also do not need to get covered in so much paint and dress up as common as the Galilee”, “Cynthia is a good driver”, “The truth gives me laziness, the Gali”. Were some messages of the users.

Galilea Montijo and the rivalry with a conductive

The nominees for the Awards TVyNovelas 2020 what became known in the early-morning “Today”, but apparently Galilea Montijo was not comfortable in the presence of the conductive Cynthia Urías, who was his partner in the special program of the awards.

During the announcement of the nominees to Premios TVyNovelas 2020, the conductive Galilea Montijo revealed that due to the illness of the coronavirus, they decided to postpone the date of the celebration, as well as precautionary measures of the organizers and producers of the event, will do everything possible to avoid contagion.

Photo: Instagram.