Gloria Camila shut up this video that uncovers the biggest bomb of Kiko Jiménez


March 17, 2020
(11:00 CET)

Gloria Camila and Sofia Suescun finally have seen the faces in the Survivors by 2020. The winner of reality shows as a defender of Cristian Suescun and the daughter of Ortega Cano as an advocate of Ana Maria Aldón. Both have brought their artillery heavy, although on occasion have even been defended surprising the other collaborators and viewers.

Both declared war after sharing the same man. Gloria Camila was for four years a couple of tronista, but last summer they decided to put an end to their relationship and he fell in love with Sofia Suescun, who takes to the thousand wonders. The couple has given a joint interview in exclusive magazine Readings, where they advertise their plans for the future. I would love to marry and have a child.

Kiko Jimenez has managed thanks to their partners to get to the top of the tv and stay as one of the major stars, but few people know your route. Francisco Martínez Jiménez was born on the 5th of June 1992 in the town of Linares (Jaén), where he lived his childhood and adolescence. We would have loved to be a footballer, but a nose injury at the age of 16 will cut short their dreams. Because the sport was his passion ended up studying a higher degree in activities physical-sports in Granada, with the firm intention to devote to it in the future.

While Kiko Jimenez was studying, took advantage of his physique to make a few small passes model with 17 years. Thanks to their economic independence, could be self-sufficient in Granada during his years of training, something that has allowed him, as he himself has acknowledged, be a good cook.

Before the premiere of MYHYV, a dating program on Telecinco, Kiko Jimenez pointed out as a suitor, and went through several stands. In the summer of 2013 he took the reins of the throne. However, by maintaining relations with a woman he had to leave the format. It was discovered that theirs was the television and morro and glib he was.

Kiko Jimenez started in the world of the nightby closing a large number of bowling by different clubs of Spain. In addition, was considering the option of becoming part of a well-known show erotic of Barcelona.

As came to light in 2017, Kiko Jimenez knocked at the door of the Room Baghdad with the intention that we hired for the show. However, as revealed by the director of the local, they decided to discarded by her shyness to perform the work. Similarly, the actress for adults Apolonia Lapiedra confirmed that Jimenez made a small foray into the world of the erotic film. “I know that has done things and known people”, revealed in Socialite. In the same way, came to light a few images of a series with high sexual content produced by Torbe, whom I knew.

Kiko Jimenez and Torbe