He spits on a police officer after knocking on the home of Ariana Grande: fan arrested


Ariana Grande (ph ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)
in the picture: Ariana Grande (ph ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

A man managed to get to the door of the house of Ariana Grande before the police arrive to arrest him. The TMZ wrote that a man would be able to pass all the security and get to the front of the house with the pop star, before anyone could call the police. The american site has written that, according to what was revealed to the Police sources, a man about 20 years he would have reached the Los Angeles home of the singer about two in the afternoon, he would have knocked and asked her. The real estate agent who opened the door explained that the singer was not at home and called the police.

The intrusion of man, home of Ariana Grande

What they do not know, says TMZ is as the man has done to bypass the security that was on the ground floor, but when they are noticed they called the Police. The agents intervened and arrested the man, however, has responded and as he was being handcuffed, he spat on one of them. On the man was found a “love letter” to the singer that also included the directions to his house, the guy was arrested for the offence and for aggravated assault against the agent to whom he had spat at him. In the past few days had been called the 911 for a few gun shots heard in the direction of the house of the singer, but it was only a matter of swatting, which is a fashion that provides to be able to send a team of SWAT american to someone’s house (it was built by the community of gamer).

Been to the house: the appeal of Ariana Grande

In the past few days the american singer was among those who asked their fans to stay in the house. In the United States, in fact, after a beginning where the Coronavirus has been underestimated is starting to become a serious problem, with the President, Donald Trump, who has decided for the closure of flights to and from Europe. “It amazes me the amount of people that says that at the bottom of this thing is not so great and that everything will go well and that we must continue to live our lives. This thing makes me exit out of the head. Please, read what is happening, not pretend of nothing,” wrote the singer.