I betrayed! The eccentricities of Isabel Pantoja, that uncovers Telecinco and they are a scandal!

Isa Pantoja Isabel Pantoja

March 16, 2020
(16:52 CET)

Isabel Pantoja returned to the 6th of march to the stage. The concerts have not yet been cancelled by the coronavirus and could be done with total normality. However, the renowned vocalist has received numerous criticisms. According to many of the attendees, especially those who were in the stands highest in the Wizink Center of Madrid, there were many problems with sound and lighting. Apparently because Isabel Pantoja wanted to save the most money possible.

  isabel pantoja concierto bata de cola

It has always been spoken of the demands of Isabel Pantoja each time that you act, whether on stage or on television. However has never confirmed it herself. Their air of diva are patent in all his work. When he participated in the Survivors 2019 it was rumored that there would be order dye her hair every week to look always perfect. In Idol Kids came to light that the singer wore the dresses that you gave to the gala and not returned.

In his concert also has given effect to his wish list. The most striking things are a comfy sofa, white roses to the dressing room, ham de bellota and lomo of five jacks, or eight liters of tea with lemon taste of a well-known brand, amongst a long list.

In room,safety requires two escorts and a medical service exclusive to it and being located near to a hospital. The airfare must be in first class for her and his brother Agustin. The rest of the team, in coach class. To stay, ask for a suite for her and her brother in a five-star hotel or, failing that, to the best of the city.

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