I have missed you Save me! Jorge Javier Vázquez is waiting for him. “Not see more”


jorge javier vázquez in the theatre

March 16, 2020
(16:12 CET)

Jorge Javier Vázquez is charged to your great friend. Save me and the coronavirus can, with Christian Gálvez. The presenter is going through a great moment. Vázquez lived a few glorious years thanks to their participation in Fall who fall and Pasapalabra during his time at Telecinco. The justice took the program and had to settle with The wrench, a mini space inside of You … where you are trying to imitate a contest very similar, but without success. The space could not take off and was data funny.

With the arrival of the coronavirus currently rewards and The pull it has been moved. By the time it was said that this contest was only a temporary thing until Mediaset give the key a new and groundbreaking program. Christian Gálvez knows this and that is why he set hands to the work with Telecinco.

Christian Gálvez pasapalabraGalvez has created his own audiovisual production company with the leaders of Pasapalabra, a program that has fallen into the hands of Antena 3. The company is called Phoenix Media Audiovisual and it is incorporated into the portfolio of Mediterranean Mediaset Spain Group. The group of Paolo Vasile is who is behind all this. In this way Christian Gálvez will continue to be part of Mediaset, during a very long season.

With this new production company, Mediaset managed to bring together three of the faces who developed Pasapalabra at your stage of Fuencarral: your presenter, Christian, your director from the year 2009 until the required completion in 2019, Rafa Guardiolaand your exproductora executive, Olga Florez.