I Linchada! Mila Ximénez does not comment. Photo scandalous. Delete comments: it Insults non-stop!


Mila Ximénez crying

March 16, 2020
(16:21 CET)

Alba Diaz, the daughter of Vicky Martín Berrocal and Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’, he was a young man known by many by the time he reached the age of majority, and a lot more when he was 19. The influencer starred in her first cover to be made public that he maintained a relationship with who was still the husband of a friend of hers. It is now even more popular than their parents.

Your account of Instagram continues to grow in numbers of followers and the marks are very interested in it. However, I still do not master very well the social networks. Alba Diaz is usually to give personal data that play many times against them. Has recently received a lot of criticism on his latest posting on Instagram.

Alba Diaz and CordobaAlba Díaz is located in Spain and is also going through the bad times of the coronavirus. As all spaniards must pass the quarantine of 15 days, although it seems that she prefers to skip to the bullfighter. The young woman was in Madrid, where there is a greater number of hiv infections, more than half, with her mother. To be more quiet it decided to move at the end of last week, when it was decreed the state of alarm to Seville, specifically to the house of his father, The Cordoba.

There is a great field and you can run, ride a bike, horse riding, sunbathing, with total peace of mind. So it lives much better in quarantine. “My quarantine”, he wrote next to an image where she is embraced by his father. The criticism was not long in arriving. Dawn Diaz is a madrid who fled from the Community of Madrid to Seville. Something that if it complies with the norms of the Government could not carry out in order to not spread the infection. “You are irresponsible”wrote. After all the insults, Dawn took the decision to block all comments on their social networks.