“I’m in quarantine because I have a flu and I don’t know if it is the coronavirus”


Ozuna it has been put in quarantine voluntarily to the symptoms of flu. So what explained the same in a video posted on Friday on the occasion of his 28th birthday, which was last march 13.

The anniversary of the Bold Clear Eyes marred by the health crisis facing the world by the coronavirus. Despite this situation, their fans will congratulated through social networks and were able to enjoy your day aboard a boat, with bachata background and with the voice a little touched.

“I’m in quarantine because I have a flu and I don’t know if it is the coranavirus”, he explained looking at the camera from the boat after thanking all the good things that have happened this last year.

The puerto rican singer has decided to submit to voluntary isolation as a matter of prevention, because unknown whether it is suffering from a disease that has affected millions of people in the world both directly and indirectly.

So far, the reguetonero has not confirmed if he has tested positive or not for the coronavirus and the Sunday came back to share a message from his Twitter account to warn that continued in quarantine.

Before the words of the interpreter, many of their fans have been alarmed by his state of health, and we have desired a speedy recovery, and that finally is not the virus that is causing your discomfort.

In addition to Ozuna, other personalities such as Ricky Martin, Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo have encouraged their followers to stay home in these times to avoid the spread of the virus. One of the initiatives that have been applauded in the virtual world has been the of Alejandro Sanz and Juaneswho offered a concert live through Youtube to all the people who are detained in their homes for the quarantine.