“In times of crisis is when we should fill our hearts with compassion for others”


The cuban singer Willy Chirino has launched a message of social awareness after the crisis of world health that is going to cause the spread of coronavirus.

The performer of hits like The devil came to Havana or Oxygen has made a call through your profile on Instagram to solidarity and has asked for “compassion for others, especially for those citizens most disadvantaged such as the elderly.

To do this, you have shared the image of a drawing that reflects one of the many unpleasant situations that we are living in supermarkets in various countries of the world, in which people are focused on the products of the first necessity, as is the toilet paper, without thinking of others.

“In times of crisis is when we should fill our hearts with compassion for others”, wrote the artist next to the post.

The reflection of Willy Chirino has brought with it a wave of messages in which many of his supporters say they agree with the salsa and report these types of behaviors that are labeled as selfish.

“What message more cute, these are the moments when you more civil to us we must behave. Do not let that panic us apart. The virus shall separate us temporarily, but the panic can make things by creating hatred and divisions that will last much longer than any virus”, “The selfishness is the ruin of the world, rascals” or “What a horror, I agree with you, they are people without values”, commented on some users.

The toilet paper has become one of the hygiene products are in greater demand in the trades until the point of exhaustion in matters of minutes, something that has triggered a wave of memes and ridicule in social networks.

In fact, recently, the reguetonero cubano Osmani García “La Voz” joked about it and made a call to his fans in Miami not asustasen in the absence of toilet paper already that “the cubans we’ve cleaned it up with a banana leaf” and “we are prepared for all of this.”