It back in the pool! Jennifer Lopez boasts in size with the new mini bikini!


March 17, 2020
(16:13 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it seems to have agreed with Shakira in this non-act by the coronavirus. When needed most, the ranking of the most influential stars on the planet, are the divas of the Latin song and fail. None of the two has ruled on the matter.

While the couple of Gerard Pique will advertising filters for Instagram, the diva of the Bronx publishes snapshots that appear to be wearing outfits and hot body. Still in his line of always.

Jennifer Lopez, to his own

This in which we are accustomed, showing off the hot body to her 50 years. Sometimes combinations are more daring, others less so. But normally boasting of body profiling.

In addition, it also tends to hang often the photos in your account of Instagram where it appears by getting in shape. The artist is a regular guest at the gym.

Gift of all, JLo holds a body of infarction, and he knows it. And that’s why we love to brag about it.

Jennifer Lopez in mini swimsuit

But not all the best pictures of the new york are in your account Instagram. And nor is it necessary to teach more of the account to draw attention. And is that such is its impact that any detail given of what to talk about.

The haters of JLo, lurking

For example the photograph below, in which Jennifer appears posing from behind, with a mini swimsuit that leaves the sight of all that got in the gym.