“It is fatter than David Bustamante!”. Spanish singer it unrecognizable! Look at the picture


David Bustamante

March 16, 2020
(20:55 CET)

Social networks are hallucinating with the brutal change that have shown the members of the group Andy and Lucas in the last few months. And is that each time seem less of its inception.

Andy has gained quite a few pounds when before we had always been very thin, while Luke seems to be much more in shape now than when you were famous 20 years ago.

The change is more evident between the two.

Andy Lucas


The comments have not been able to be worse

Andy attacks that have been made in the social networks have been very beasts with comments like “you’re fatter than David Bustamante!” or “is unrecognizable.”

Many have been very cruel with him, however, it seems that the pair of singers was to take it with enough humor and have even come to suggest the change of order of names on the cover.

And it seems that fans will always recognize them as the thin and the fat and now have doubts about which is which, but that doesn’t seem like that is going to take back his good humor nor his new job that are premiering this 2020.