Jacob Forever premieres “it Hurts”, a heartbreaking song that comes from the hand of a video clip


The cuban singer of urban music Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, popularly known in the world of entertainment cuban Jacob Foreverhas released through its official YouTube channel a new single under the title It hurts.

This new musical proposal of the reguetonero has come from the hand of a video clip that was filmed, apparently, in Cuba, under the direction of the director cuban Noel Nuñez.

Both the audiovisual material as the lyrics of the song, reflects some of the feelings, actions, situations, and human traits more common today as is the double standards, selfishness, love, how to cope with a loss, disappointment or something as simple as rotate the head to different social problems that are plaguing today’s world.

The own Jacob Forever he was in charge of making known to his thousands of followers the release of the song through their respective social networks. Instagram, in particular, became the ideal space for the continued promotion of It hurts.

“In life there are so many bad people that succeed that sometimes I think that the poor are not going to be Hurt. A few hours to premiere the official video to my people. If you want to be the first to see it go to my YouTube channel, subscribe and touch the bell. I want to,” said the interpreter in your profile official of such a platform.

In addition to the release of this new single, “The Immortal”, who recently told his fans he would take the reins of his career as a composer and that it would become the exclusive author of all their songs, has also been working on other urban issues.

Within this series of projects we find the premiere of the remix of the theme Please in collaboration with the young reguetonero calling within the guild urban music such as Enzo Melody Secret.

Pleasefor its part , is presented in the same official YouTube channel of Jacob Forever, and also through a video clip, but on this occasion, to the more pure style home.

The audiovisual material includes some of the moments that were part of the creation of the topic and developed within the recording studio that owns the famous cuban artist in his home located in a sought-after condominium in the city of Miami (Florida).

In the clip, you can see both performers giving voice to their respective audio tracks with a complicity and friendship, say for example within the genre of urban of the Island.