Jared Leto was in a spiritual retreat and “had no idea” of the pandemic coronavirus


If there is any person in the Hollywood industry that might not have been aware of the crisis of the Coronavirus in the past few weeks is Jared Leto. The actor and singer has posted a thread on Twitter explaining that it was in spiritual retreat and was not aware of the pandemic that is ravaging his country, The united states, and the rest of the world.

“Wow. 12 days ago I started a silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication, etc, we had No idea what was happening outside of the facility.”

“I went out yesterday to a very different world. One that has been changed forever. Mind-boggling to say the least. I get messages from friends and family all over the world and I’m getting up to date with what is happening.”

“I hope that you and yours are well. Command positive energy to all. Abide within. Stay safe.”

March is still a month shocking for the actor, during the first week of march he himself reported on Twitter that almost lost his life climbing and, less than two weeks later, he returns home and discovers that a global pandemic threat to mankind. We don’t want to know what will happen the next time that Jared Leto may decide to do an excursion.

'Jared Leto'

Next project

Jared Leto also has pending the premiere of his next project ‘Morbius’, scheduled for July 31 and that time has not been changed by the Coronavirus.

The character of Morbius was born in the comics of Spider-Man as a villain, although in this occasion it will be the anti-hero protagonist, the style of the ‘Venom’ of Tom Hardy. Daniel Espinosa directs this story about a scientist who suffers from a rare disease in the blood and that, when trying to find the cure for him and for other patients, infects of a kind of vampirism that gives you powers like flying, force on human and easier-to-heal wounds.