Last time Ana Obregon and Álex Lequio in Barcelona (and it’s not good)


Ana Obregón in the South Channel

March 16, 2020
(17:26 CET)

Are yet to be revealed big data where you are staying, but will be very close to the center Quirónsaludlocated in the high zone of Barcelona. The last time that had to be in the city staying at the luxurious hotel Jordi Cruz, ABaC. Mother and son are prudent and keep silent in the social networks. Some cameras already have seen the entrepreneur in the vicinity of the hospital. Ana Obregon and Álex Lequio do not usually provide data on their social networks, even though they always show a lot of optimism.

ana obregon no makeupThis is the third relapse of Álex Lequio in two years of treatment. The young man not giving up, and still struggling to get ahead in this hard episode of your life. Without a doubt it is a great example for millions of people, as you demonstrate in your social networks with comments so positive.

Álex Lequio will remain in Barcelona probably until the month of June. However, this treatment may be delayed. The coronavirus is affecting the whole country and a large part of the European Union. Spain is one of the countries with the highest number of infected people after Italy. There are already more than 9,000 infected and this number could double in the next few days. This is the worst week of all.

Because of the coronavirus, the treatment of Álex Lequio that they would start these weeks could be delayed. The entrepreneur, like all spaniards, it must stay confined at home during at least 15 days in which it has been decreed a state of alarm. Alex is one of the people with a higher risk of having a disease. Therefore, your treatment, although this is not the right thing must be delayed. Mother and son are very worried because every minute counts in this race.