Last time was devastating. And will of Jorge Javier Vázquez. You just know this


jorge javier vázquez scandal doctor

March 17, 2020
(17:21 CET)

The coronavirus remains the great problems of the country and from all over the world today. The virus continues to grow and in Spain exceed 11.500 infections and 500 deaths. Some data are very concerning, but expected to slow in the next few weeks with the restrictive measures that have been brought. The television has also been drastically affected. All programs have had to cancel your recordings as Voice or Your face is familiar to me, others that are broadcast live such as OT 2020 have had to cancel the broadcasts. Those yet to be issued, as the case of Save me, The program of Ana Rosa, or Living the life you have had to say goodbye to the public.

A very strange situation on television, but more what could be when some programs mythical of the string as Save me or Surviving to see cancelled their regular emissions. The program of the press of the heart continues at the foot of the canyon. Although without an audience and with a low co-workers. Have even been dedicated to cover the last hour of the coronavirus by the lack of news about celebrities, who are confined in their homes.

jorge javier vázquez jesus doctorLast Monday saw an extreme situation that left Jorge Javier Vázquez between the sword and the wall. The programme has contacted a number of experts and has connected live with Jesus Candel, better known on Youtube as Spidirman. This optional, famous in social networks for their viral videos in which for years he denounced alleged cases of corruption of the responsible hospital and that these days he has returned to starring in numerous videos against young people pervading his hospital, was disbarred a month by the College of Physicians of Granada for its “insults” to other practitioners as well as for “inciting violence” in some of their recordings.

“I do not drink anything that says anything of this shit of Government”has come to say to what Jorge Javier Vázquez was trying to calm the situation without success. “What we’re starting with the horns!”, said. Thank you to give way to the advertising they were able to finish with this conversation that he was not going to a good port, and I was leaving in a very bad place for the program. The doctor recommended that the presenter and to all the team that what they had to do was close the program and go to their homes.

Through this conversation Jorge Javier Vázquez will be realized that it is a person of high risk and what best could do is go home. The presenter Catalan suffered a stroke last year and leads placed a few stents. Therefore, the coronavirus will affect much more to him in case of get.